Colorado Metcalf

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Colorado Metcalf

Post by KidLobo on Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:55 pm

Name: Colorado Metcalf
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 19
Birthday: October 31st
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Messy
Facial hair: Clean Shaven
Build: Slim but toned.
Place of Birth: LA Boneyard

Profession: Mercenary, Occasional Repairman

Weapons/Tools: Service Rifle, Tire Iron

Aid: A couple of stimpacks, Med-X, RadAway, some bandage. Some food and water.

Miscellaneous: Some bottlecaps. A couple of lockpicks, a lighter.

Skills: Small Guns, Sneaking, Lockpicking, Repair and a little bit of explosives.

Apparel: Long brown leather regulator trenchcoat with the sleeves rolled up, fingerless gloves and a pair of biker goggles on his head. Black denim pants and combat boots.

Appearance: His attire consists a full leather outfit. A tough

Training: Trained as a scout for the NCR.

Since childhood, Colorado  has practiced shooting constantly. First starting off with a BB gun to pick off old tin cans and the occasional lone radroach, before eventually moving up to a .32 Pistol and Hunting Rifle in his teens, always challenging himself by trying to blast small targets at long distances. Constant Practice has made Colorado very skilled shooter who is also especially quick on the draw with a pistol as well. Though he loves automatic weapons, he treasures ammo too much to fire indiscriminately and prefers being more conservative with gunfire. But if you give him a sub machine gun, he'll certainly treasure it.

Affiliation: None. Self-Employed


Colorado is open, friendly and often very optimistic. He doesn't seem to care for Violence but takes pride in great kills he manages to pull off. Nothing gets him going more than seeing a filthy raider's head explode over the sandy wastes. And while he acknowledges this might be a wrong way to think. He tells himself he's a good guy and they were bad, so it doesn't bother his conscience

Colorado places money and mission success at almost top priority but doesn't like losing friends on the battlefield either. He tries to avoid letting personal feelings get in the way of his goals, especially if big pay is involved. This often leads him to try and refrain from developing any sort of attachment to others around him, keeping his allies on a professional level more than a personal one. Which is often hard for him due to his friendly nature.

He's a joker and friendly enough but often has poor timing and doesn't seem to want to stop talking. Despite being a scout, he can be a little hyper, dramatic, and loud.


Colorado was born in the LA boneyard, bastard son of a traveler and abandoned at birth by his mother at a very poor orphanage in the Boneyard. Colorado did not grow up hating his missing parents or the cards his life had been dealt. He remained quite the optimist instead despite growing up in a hellish place to live. Instead fantasizing about Old Pre-War stories of Cowboys, Outlaws and Comic book Barbarians and playing baseball in with the other local kids in the area. Finding his escape from the depressing, destroyed L.A. as a tinkerer of junk and old tech, his prized possession being an old BB gun that he frequently used and took around with him.

When Colorado turned 17, he enlisted in the NCR and became a scout. There he picked up a few trades such as lockpicking, repairing equipment, rigging and disarming explosives, improving his marksmanship. He learned how to be stealthy and survive in the wasteland.

Colorado however... Didn't last very long at all in the NCR when he was eventually caught selling military weapons to common wastelanders. Colorado chose to flee and evaded a prison sentence, deciding to become a gun for hire instead with a plan to leave the west for greener pastures.


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