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Carl Kreig

Post by DatCarl on Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:24 pm

Carl Kreig
Height:  5’11’’  
Weight:  170lbs  
Age:  53
Hair and Eyes:  Grey and hazel

Hometown:  Primm
Armor:  Leather Armor, cowboy hat
Weapons:  Brass Knuckles, .357 revolver, Restored M1 Garand (aka This Machine or something similar)
Other Gear:  Lighter, Rusty the Brahmin, misc. parts, food, cigars, toothpicks, 5 lockpicks


Strength: 5
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 7
Luck: 6


Barter:  20
Energy Weapons:  50
Explosives:  60
Guns: 75
Lockpick:  50
Medicine:  20
Melee Weapons:  40
Repair:  40
Science:  20
Sneak:  25
Speech:  25
Survival:  50
Unarmed:  65

    Carl was born in Primm, living there with as normal a childhood as anyone in the Mojave Waste could ever really have.  When he was 20 he was tired of Primm, and tired of running his folks old parts shop they left him when they died.  He packed up everything he had and his the road with his pack Brahmin, Rusty.
    Things went great for Carl the first few years, he made caps and even ended up meeting a nice woman in Nipton named Rebecca.  After passing through Nipton a couple times, Rebecca joined up with Carl, traveling the wastes with him.  Those were the days according to Carl.  The two would sleep under the stars with the far off lights of New Vegas on the horizon creating a nice romantic scene for the two young lovers.  Three years after they met, the two were married and Carl found out that Rebecca was pregnant with a son.  Carl was elated.
    Nine months later, what should have been the happiest day in Carl’s life quickly became the worst.  Rebecca suffered from complications throughout the pregnancy, and she ended up dying in childbirth… giving birth to a baby that was dead before he even came into the world.
Carl continued as an independent caravan, delivering and trading goods.  He made a bit less than before as he adopted an all-business attitude.  No more friendly Carl.  For the past 15 years he has made his sullen rounds trading where he can.  Only a few friends know why he is the way he is, although a little bit of the “old Carl” still survives…. Whenever he can, he does favors and free resupplies to the Followers of the Apocalypse up in Freeside which in turn has given him a solid reputation with the group.  One bunch that doesn’t care much for Carl are the powder gangers.  A few of them tried to rob him, and they coincidentally ended up dead.  Word gets around fast…..

Appearance:  Carl is a gruff looking man with old, worn leather armor and a matching cowboy hat.  He has scraggly hair and a beard which were black at one point, but are mostly grey now.  He has hazel eyes that are weary.  He carries himself as someone who doesn’t put up with much nonsense.
Attitude:  Carl is quiet and very concise, but not outright mean.  He just isn’t an extrovert anymore.  When people earn his trust (this group at present is a very select few around his hometown Primm and his pals in Old Mormon Fort in Freeside) he will open up a bit and little shreds of the “old Carl” show through.

Friends:  Julie Farkas, Followers of the Apocalypse doctor

Enemies:  Vipers raiders
      Jackals raiders

Fun Facts:
-Carl seems to get along well with lots of critters moreso than he gets along with people. Molerats, brahmin, and dogs all seem to pay him no mind.
-Carl can cook. Not just whip up survival foods, but given a proper facility he knows how to whip up a mean meal.
-Even if he doesn't really show it, Carl does grow to like some people.... its just rare for him to ever actually let these people know that.


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